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The ACFT is the new standardized fitness test for the United States Army consisting of six events: 1) Deadlift 2) Standing Power Throw 3) Hand Release T-Pushups 4) Sprint Drag Carry 5) Leg Tucks 6) 2x Mile Run For some, the ACFT is an exciting challenge and for others, it brings fear and nervousness. The large number of events means there is at least one challenging event for every Soldier, one event that requires extra time and discipline to improving. I have created the ACFT Program to help you improve your holistic ability on the fitness test. In this 5 week program you will find: - Strength/Power training focused on improving the Deadlift and Standing Power Throw - Muscular Endurance training focused on improving the Hand Release T-Pushups and Leg Tucks - Anaerobic Fitness training focused on improving the Sprint Drag Carry - Aerobic Fitness training focused on improving the 2x Mile Run All six events of the ACFT are targeted and will improve in this 6x week program. The beginning of the program starts out with a diagnostic ACFT to assess where you are currently at with the test. You will then perform workouts that will improve your ability in all six events. The final week will be a final ACFT to show you how much you have improved and how your hard work has paid off.




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