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Dumbbells are some of the most underrated equipment in the gym. They provide an extremely effective workout when implemented correctly and have many advantages to improving health and fitness to include: - Dumbbell exercises can be tailored easily to more closely match the neurological patterns of associated sport skills owing to improved joint kinesthesis, leverage similarities, and total body involvement. - Dumbbells force the athlete to constantly adjust and readjust positions of the weight. Therefore, synergistic muscles and stabilizer muscles act more prominently, which improves overall strength and protects against potential injuries. I have created the “Death by Dumbbell” program to maximize your ability to use dumbbells at home or in the gym. In this 4 week program you will find the following: - 5 workouts each week - 2 days dedicated to proper rest and recovery. - Deliberate warm-up periods with prescribed dynamic stretching routines. - CHALLENGING and FUN workouts that will not exceed an hour, minimizing your time spent working out and maximizing your time spent doing whatever it is you want or need to do that day. Conventional weightlifting can become boring and routine. “Death by Dumbbell” provides over 20x different dumbbell exercises to keep your workouts fresh and exciting while still maximizing your ability to reach your health and fitness goals. Try it out! Improve the effectiveness of your workouts while bringing some fun and innovation at the same time!




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