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Gyms can be overrated and are not a necessity for you reach your health and fitness goals. This body weight training program will test your strength, aerobic fitness, and muscular endurance without the need of any weights or external objects. All you need is you! In this 4 week program you will find: - 5x workouts each week - 2x days are dedicated to developing and improving muscular endurance. - 2x days are dedicated to developing and improving your aerobic/anaerobic fitness. - 1x day is a workout that combines muscular endurance and cardio training. - 2x days dedicated to rest and recovery. - Deliberate warm-up periods with prescribed dynamic stretching routines. - CHALLENGING and FUN workouts that will not exceed an hour, minimizing your time spent working out and maximizing your time spent doing whatever it is you want or need to do that day. With “No Gym, No Problem!” training program you will be able to perform the workouts anytime and anywhere. During these four weeks you will never be forced to sacrifice your valuable time driving to the gym, getting changed and ready for your workout, and then driving back from the gym. With this program you will never have to adjust your schedule to make you sure you go to the gym at the perfect time of day. You can perform the workouts in this program whenever you want. Try it out now!




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